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Tips for going back to school during a Pandemic

Christina Morillo, "Woman Reading Book", 2018,

Covid-19 struck many if not most of us hard and shook us to the core when the realization that life as we had known it before had changed. We can almost unanimously say we all had to make adjustments in many aspects of our lives and mixing home and school was one of them. As we approach the end of summer and enter into the fall the inevitable has finally come of schools choosing to stay open up or remain closed with learning taking place remotely. Adjustments like these are a big deal and can be nerve racking and come with a lot of tension. So, we wanted to give a few ways to deal with going back to face to face schooling or readjusting to online once again.

This list can apply to both circumstances as many schools k-12 and higher education are opting for hybrid learning.

  1. Pre-Checks

    1. Symptoms such as: Sore throat, Cough, Fever (100.4º F or more), diarrhea, severe headache, Vomiting, body aches are key symptoms that you or your child should stay home from school.

    2. Be up to date on all Vaccines particularly the Flu shot

    3. Review hygienic practices and set a Daily Routine for what to take to school to stay safe such as Hand Sanitizer & what to do once you come home.

  2. Have contacts ready for:

    1. If you or your child gets sick

    2. How you or your child will get learning services, tutoring etc.

  3. Practice Mental Care by:

    1. Preparing yourself and/or child for how school might not be the same as before.

    2. Reflect on how changes may make you and/or your child feel.

      1. and be prepared for potential behavioral changes in children

    3. Allow yourself and/or your child:

      1. Take breaks

      2. Get plenty of sleep

      3. Exercise

      4. Eat well

      5. Stay socially connected

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